Monday, February 27, 2012

A Blogger is Born

I know just who I am and exactly what I want.  I am active and take care of myself.  I am an artist, so I am very passionate and imaginative.  I am confident without being arrogant, but when I walk into a room, I know that I own it… hahahaaa!  I am extremely loyal to the few people I trust.  I am a bit sarcastic with a sense of humor.  I don’t do drama; I have no time for it.  I inspire others to do things that they never thought they could do; to live without fear and regret.  I believe in endless possibilities.  I am a dreamer who has lived my dreams.

So why am I writing this blog?  Because I am a single mother of two.  Newly single.  Life is often hard. We fall, we hurt and we get back up.  Sometimes, we lie there and cry for a while as we check out the scrapes.  Sometimes we look for bone shards piercing the skin before we dare attempt to move. This is one of those times for me.

This blog is the silent scream that I carry all day, the quiet ache that never leaves my heart.  These words are the tears that I won’t let others see.

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