Sunday, March 4, 2012

Quiet Memories

Memories… How quietly they sneak up on me.

Emotion as I set in my favorite chair. Something about that comforting little nook allows my mind to wander and it so often goes to places I would rather lock away. If I catch myself before I get too lost in the remembrances, I make myself busy. If not, I find myself just setting there in silence as hurt washes over me. It may only be a moment yet time, in the words of Einstein, is relative. And that moment may feel like years.

He said he never meant to hurt anyone, but he was the sharpest blade.  Maybe our love was just the blind leading the blind. You never really know what you will do until you truly love someone. How far you will go, what you will risk. I never saw it coming because I had let him walk through my walls like a ghost. Somewhere deep inside, no matter how bad things were between us, I had faith in him. I had believed in him. Unexpected and painful, he turned my feelings into a handful of nothing. I never saw at all.

Empty, I bounce back, brought into reality by the tears coursing down my cheeks and the cat that had just jumped into my lap. 

Memories… How quietly they sneak up on me.

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